The right backup gives you a predictable and successful recovery.

BackupAssist keeps you in business when disaster strikes.

We specialize in only business-grade backup and data protection software for Microsoft Windows Server environments and Office 365. Our clients are wide ranging and include:

  • Small and medium businesses (up to 500 staff),
  • Corporates,
  • Government departments, essential services,
  • Universities and schools,
  • Non-profits and NGOs.

Our software has been adopted by every market sector – from aviation to hotels, healthcare to engineering, education to manufacturing, and every type of consulting.

The right backup for on-premise servers, with a wide range of backup hardware support.

  • Drive imaging and bare metal recovery for physical and virtual servers. File based backups to cloud.
  • Backup to USB HDD, NAS, RDX, A3, Azure and more.
  • Granular backup and recovery of Exchange, SQL, Hyper-V.
  • Ransomware protection for your backups.
You’re protected when you back it up with

The right backup for Office 365 and other cloud data.

  • Download and back up your cloud data to a local backup destination.
  • You control your backups 100%
  • Retain your data to meet compliance laws.
  • Resilient to cloud account hacking.